Try Hi Impact Planet for a change.
‘Attractions include indoor and outdoor as well as wet and dry facilities such as jump around bumper cars, bumper boats, Convoy, Kite flyer, Haunted House, King of the Jungle, the Jungle, Vertical Swing and Spring ride, Big Buck Panorama, Aliens Armageddon, Transformers Deluxe; Packman Smash; Combat Pump It up Fiesta, a surfing simulated reestyler, hoopla, Mexican fiesta, Samba balloon, dream machine, watermania, Rio train, Boeing 777 outperforming ride, ice rink, animatronics, including semi-live lions, gorillas. Enterprise ride, souvenir court, eye-combat games, 40-metre high spring ride, ferry spin, Mexican theater, a 10-seater Hi-Impact airplane. The park occupies an area of about 46 acres.
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Hi Impact Planet
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